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About Us

Although Eyesore Investment was only an idea for a number of years, it was actually established as an organization in 2005. As a company we believe in nothing less than positive win-win human relationships, and we work hard first to establish, and then to maintain such relationships. Our core business involves the purchase of real estate properties currently located primarily in the Lehigh Valley area. Our focal point in such purchases are Northampton, Lehigh, and Carbon counties. Certainly, as we begin to grow we will expand our operations to include other areas. After a purchase is made we make repairs if necessary and then place an eligible family into the property unless the property is currently occupied. If it is currently occupied we honor the existing lease for the remaining term, thereafter if the family has behaved as appropriate and adheres to our policies without issue, we then renew the lease.

Unique Opportunity For Worthy Tenants

As a company we are unique, very different than the average real estate investment company. What separates us from the rest is that we have a sincere desire to assist our current worthy tenants to acquire their own homes when they are mentally and financially ready to do so.

Let us explore our definition of a worthy tenant.  A worthy tenant is one who always pays rent on time (if they always pay rent their rent on time, odds are good that they will pay a mortgage on time.  They never destroyed property, and are not involved in any illegal drug activity or other criminal acts. Now let us explore how the program works.  Let us assume that a tenant has been with us for say three years or so, and then the tenant expresses a desire to purchase a home of their own.  We sit down with the tenant, identify there current  financial and credit status, and then we map out a direction for making their dream of homeownership a reality. Once we understand there financial and credit status, we begin the process of finding a home in an area they desire to live in, we make the purchase, then place them in the newly purchased property as a tenant with typically a three to five year option to buy the property.

Mission Statment

To provide our tenants with clean, safe, habitable housing solutions which exceed thier expectations every step of the way. To deliver quality property management services while producing a plan of action which supports current and future endeavors. To be firm yet pliable, capable of adapting to our tenants changing needs