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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check here for answers before emailing or calling Eyesore Investment

Q: What must I do to become an EI family member?
A: First, you must fill out an application that must be processed and accepted prior to moving into one of our units.

Q: Is there a fee?
A: Yes. There is a $25.00 is charged for each primary resident

Q: Is the fee refundable?
A: No. There was a time that EI did not charge a fee at all. However, there were prospective tenants that were less than honest on their applications and it was costing too much money to process applications that were not worthy of the paper that they were written on. Due to this issue, EI implemented a fee policy that does not cover the full expense of running background reports because our intent is not to produce income from this process (cost of full reports is $110.00 Per Person) but that would make the prospect have something to loose if the elect to be less than honest. $110.00 minus $25.00 is $85.00 that we typically pay to process an application.

Q: What background check are conducted?
A:  We check the National Tenant Network for 1. Evictions which generally speaking will disqualify you but some exceptions have been made, however, if you have more than one it definitely will disqualify you. 2. Credit, reason for bad credit is considered but does not always disqualify you. 3. Criminal, with this topic is is important to understand that EI is first and foremost concerned with our other tenants and the community at large so first we are looking for pedophiles, rapist, or person with violent crimes, all of which will disqualify you. Drugs of course are another major concern for us, however, we have made an exception or two in the past with prospects that were honest about their past and demonstrated through action that they were no longer involved with drugs. Lastly,  we check the terrorist list and if your name comes up here, well not only will it disqualify you but we will turn over any information you have provided us to the local authorities and the FBI. Please note that we will always cooperate with law enforcement. It will help you to be honest with us, we believe that everybody deserves a second chance when they have made a mistake, but take note that if you are less than honest that will automatically disqualify you.

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: Generally speaking, no. However, there is a written pet policy that will allow worthy prospects to have small pets with conditions. Absolutely no pinchers, shepherds, pit bulls, or any trained or otherwise attack dogs. Sorry, no exceptions - See pet policy on our Documents page.

Q: Can I make an application even if there are current no available units?
A: Yes. You must pay the application fee and the application is processed and if the applicant(s) qualify, the application will be placed on a waiting list.